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Mel Gibson Reveals His Dark Side

For many years I have liked Mel Gibson. As an actor and also the man behind the camera, he has a great talent. Until a few years ago everybody I knew liked him. When this stuff about the Jews came out, I was angry because I recognize his ranting as bigotry. I felt sad because this came from someone I cared about. Now these recordings come out with racisim and such an ugly outrageous attitude about women. Although I don’t know that he treated every woman like that. If Oksana did something wrong, what was it? This is more than just a guy getting angry at a woman, this is way over the line. It was absurd. What the hell is wrong with him? Mel should stop drinking and see a doctor. He’s probably going to spend more time with a lawyer, he certainly needs both. Mel’s lawyer must have told him to keep his big mouth shut. Even if the recordings are not admisable in court, the public has already heard them. Mel threatened to kill her, he threatened to burn the house down. Oksana was accused of trying to extort money from him. This case is so bizarre.

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